Sunday 3 November 2013

I am Taking Over

Yes, you read it right!!!
I am talking over.
In this case the "I" is Esther.
Since Ron has his own blog in which he projects his feelings and views on subjects and he hasn't written here in quite a long time, we decided ( yes with mutual agreement) that I am taking over this blog and going to make it my own.

This means of course that you are going to see some changes around here. Like in background, personal info and that kind of stuff. But most of all a different kind of writing.

For quite some time now I didn't feel comfortable with what was actually written in this blog. It felt like only summing up what we did and nothing more.
Now that's going to change, I will start talking about things that go round in my mind, how I look at things here in Sweden and the differences between Sweden and the Netherlands.

Of course I will still tell you about what we do over here in the Northern Lands, but from a whole other perspective.
Hope you will all stay and keep reading


So this is me saying: " welcome to MY blog."
Wishing you all happy reading.